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Episode 175 - Derek Hansen

November 20, 2017
Our special guest is Derek Hansen. Derek is a Strength & Conditioning specialist who has been working with athletes in speed, strength and power since 1988. Originally working with track & field athletes, Derek has since worked with top performers as a coach and consultant across a number of Olympic & Professional sports.
​ What you will learn in this episode:
4:02 - we welcome Derek Hansen
5:25 - how he got started in Coaching
7:55 - the importance of sprinting in sport
9:10 - genetics regarding speed
11:55 - the differences between speed and being fast
14:30 - insights into the NFL combine relating to the 40 yard dash
18:25 - Usain Bolt and Acceleration
20:32 - the speed “myth” and broScience
24:05 - the gifted athlete versus the hard worker
26:33 - the bodybuilder versus the sprinter
28:45 - Charlie Francis
31:38 - the injury equation in pro sports
36:35 - the ageing process and the declination of speed
41:24 - uphill sprinting versus downhill sprinting
45:02 - what’s the proper distance to sprint regarding fitness supplementation
48:45 - does hand speed effect leg speed?
53:41 - the best advice for young coaches is...
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